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    Pick up, pick up a Penguin

    by  • September 27, 2013 • Craze • 0 Comments


    From owls to stags, butterflies to birds, it seems we can’t get enough of the natural world on our sofas, but when we spied this cute chap at Sainsbury’s autumn/winter show, we couldn’t wait to get him in a huddle! In cool grey tones, he’s a snip at just £15, Sainsbury’s.

    Now my friend has a bit of a thing about penguins, so much so that she spent the day as an apprentice zoo keeper at London Zoo just so she could hang out in their enclosure (even if it it did involve a shovel and bucket), and I will admit to falling for these cute little characters myself when I got slightly addicted to BBC’s ingenious Spy In The Huddle earlier in the year, so perhaps Sainsbury’s have found the new ‘owl’? What do you think?

    But if you’re looking to add a little character to your sofa, make space in your trolley for this delightful Penguin cushion – go on pop him in, nestled next to a packet of the chocolate variety… and of course, should he ever fall from the sofa to the floor, you know what to chant!
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    Vintage cushion love

    by  • September 26, 2013 • Styling • 0 Comments


    Vintage – and more often than not real vintage – is my ‘style at home’.

    I’m the proud owner of several cushions that once belonged to my Nanny and this floral one (on the left) is my favourite: it’s silk, very delicate and the colours are still as fresh as when she made it herself back in the 1950s. I think it looks lovely perched on my Lloyd Loom chair (which I found in a junk shop and painted cream) next to a contemporary terracotta cushion, which really brings out the reds and oranges.

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    Cut out & sew

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    As a child of the Seventies, I grew up with Clothkits (the whole pre-printed-cut-out-and-sew thing was very big in the Morgan household), so when I spotted this fab idea from Ikea, I was right back there… cutting out with my Mum watching my every-scissor-move, allowing just a little bit extra for seams, then stuffing and slip-stitching the gap closed.


    The Gurine fabric costs £5 per m and at 150cm-wide, you’ll have plenty of leafy options to make cushions from. You could either back each with a matching motif from the pattern repeat (if you buy enough fabric) or use a plain. Let’s hear it for shapely numbers…

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    Hello cushion fans

    by  • September 4, 2013 • Craze • 2 Comments

    Here at Style at Home magazine, we love a cushion,or two… or even three. They’re a little bit like the lippy of the beauty world. Pop a cushion in your trolley, nestled safely among your veggies and you know that, once you get home and unpack your shopping, you’ll have that little smile on your face. It’s a smile that says ‘Hey world, look at me! Look at my home, aren’t I the best home stylist!’

    Colourful cushions

    Now my Husband calls them ‘Little Bags of Fluff’ and, perhaps not everyone gets it – that inner stylist buzz from a great cushion moment. But for those of you who do, we need to celebrate this quick style fix. So welcome to Cushie Number, where we’ll be featuring the best high street designs, great cushion tart-ups and easy crafts, plus styling ideas from team behind Style at Home (who, yes are all a little cushion crazy, like me). Hope you enjoy and lets make the world a more stylish place… one cushion at a time!

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