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    Is it time for a cuppa?

    by  • October 22, 2013 • Craze • 3 Comments

    Here at Style at Home HQ, we’re quite fond of a nice cup of tea (maybe that should read ‘very’). Take yesterday’s March planning meeting for instance, yes the team were carrying armfuls of ideas, tear sheets and notes, but everyone also had a mug!

    Sometimes the team has been known to forget me on the tea round (true, I rarely repay the favour and make a round), so much so that I now have a bell on my desk to ring when I’m parched (very ‘Devil Wears Prada‘!). Perhaps I could wave this cutesy Cup of Tea cushion, £14, Next, out of my office door instead…

    Next, cushion, cushie number, a Nice cup of tea, appliqué

    And why stop there? The team love anything sweet too. Delicious Biscuit cushion, £14, Next

    next cushion, cushie number, biscuit cushion

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    Screen printing bliss!

    by  • October 10, 2013 • Craft • 1 Comment

    Last week, it’s safe to say I was more than a little excited… not only did we launch Cushie Number, but I got the chance to join Clarissa Hulse and her team of lovely creative fairies at her Islington studio (soon to open as a shop) and try my hand at screen printing! Now for those that know me well, you know that inside, I’m a wannabe fabric designer, but the reality is that I can’t draw for toffee, so this was BIG for me. No drawing needed, just lots of choosing… from gorgeous silks to luscious inks, Clarissa’s trademark  screens to one, two or ombre ink techniques.

    Clarissa started by showing how it was done…

    Clarissa Hulse Screen printing Cushie number

    Then I followed… and I loved it! The finished two-colour design is currently being made up into a cushion (well what do you expect!) and I’ll post a pic as soon as I get it back!


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    I should be so lucky…

    by  • October 6, 2013 • Craze • 0 Comments


    Now I’m probably going to regret letting you in on my age like this, but as a young girl I was quite a fan of Neighbours, in particular the whole Kylie/Jason on-screen romance. I can still remember dancing away to Kylie’s hits when she exploded onto the music scene as the princess of pop, and admiring her many sequinned red-carpet dresses, along with those gold hotpants!

    So, when Kylie launched her home collection in 2008, there was never any question for me that it would do well and her latest glittering additions are a case in point. It was Love At First Sight (excuse the pun!) when I spotted her blingtastic new cushions, made up in crushed velvets, shimmering taffetas and iridescent weaves, and in subtle dove grey shades through to rich plum.

    Perfect for adding some Kylie-style glamour to your own home, you can choose cushions with diamante detailing or on-trend tassels for true star style. Plus, you can buy the curtains to match! Find these little beauties at Curtains 2 Go, priced from £19.95.

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    #10mincushion challenge

    by  • October 4, 2013 • Craft • 0 Comments

    Could you make a cushion in 10mins? That’s the challenge we set interiors bloggers at our Housetohome Bloggers’ Breakfast on Wednesday, which also provided the perfect launch pad for our lovely little blog. With some bloggers claiming that they hadn’t sat in front of a machine since school (some never), everyone loved the experience and got instant cushion satisfaction.


    Want to know how to do it… go on then, here’s my tutorial:

    1 Cut a piece of fabric 100cm x 42cm (using one selvedge edge as one of the shorter sides will mean you only have to sew one hem rather than two). Turn over 1cm, then 1cm again for a hem to the wrong side of the short raw edge, pin and press. Machine stitch this hem.

    2 Place your piece of fabric right side up on a flat surface. Fold the hemmed edge towards the middle by 29cm. Repeat with the selvedge edge, so they overlap in the middle by 11cm, selvedge edge on top. Pin at the sides and machine stitch – you’ll have a 40cm square. Turn, press and add your cushion pad.

    Thanks to the lovely peeps at Dunelm for supplying the fabrics and sewing machines:

    Fabrics Bird Trail fabric, £8.99 per m; Summersdale red floral fabric, £8.99 per m; Seaside Blue Elsie fabric, £8.99 per m; Ellacombe Seaside Blue fabric, £8.99 per m; Essentials Ecru duck feather cushion pad, £3.49 each; Janome DMX100 sewing machine, £54.99; all Dunelm.

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    Are you sitting comfortably?

    by  • October 1, 2013 • Styling • 0 Comments


    With the stay-in-and-cook-hearty-food season upon us, you’ve got to love the idea of benches around your kitchen or dining table. Not only will they give instant gastro-pub style, you can squeeze people up if needed, getting more bums on seats.

    I’ve been thinking of ditching two of our dining room chairs in favour of one for a while, as space is tight in my dining room, so being able to push it under when not needed would be very handy. But both sets of Parents (or the P’s as they are collectively known) have pulled a face every time I mention the plan (and all proclaim “numb bums!”).
    I wonder if some box-style buttoned cushions, like these made up fabrics from the new Villa Nova Celeste collection might appease them? They would be a great way of adding pattern too.
    Cushions (left bench), made in V3087/01 Celeste Pear, £25 per m; V3088/01 Lea Aegean, £30 per m; (right bench) V3088/03 Lea Sulphur, £30 per m; V3087/01 Celeste Pear, £25 per m; all Villa Nova
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