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    Double denim!

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    Here at Style at Home we are very much aware of this certain fashion faux pas but, when it comes to cushions, we think we can let this one go.

    Faded blue brings a fresh, easy-going look for spring, and we’ve tracked down the perfect example: the Idyll Home Denim cushion (2), £34.30, from Notonthehighstreet.com. This beauty would look great paired with other designs, such as the deep-indigo Aktash cushion cover (1), £39, Oka and the Crewelwork Blue Stripe cushion (3), £15, Sainsbury’s.


    And if you fancy running up your own denim number, complete with pockets, rivets and nicely frayed seams, read on…


    How to make a denim cushion

    You will need: 90cm denim fabric (if using remnants of old jeans, as shown here, you may need to join pieces to make up to the sizes indicated below); matching thread; 40cm zip fastener; 46cm-square cushion pad

    Step 1. Cut four 27cm squares of denim fabric for the front of the cushion. If you’re using old jeans, try to include pocket details in your squares for added interest, although avoid having too many seams running around the edges of the squares. This may make the cushion too bulky when joining the fabric pieces together. Cut two 27cm by 50cm rectangles of denim fabric for the back of the cushion.

    Step 2. For the cushion front, right sides facing, join two 27cm squares along one edge taking a 2cm seam. Repeat with the two remaining 27cm squares. Trim corners and seam allowances and press seams open. Right sides facing, place one pair of stitched squares on top of the other, matching raw edges. Stitch along one long edge taking a 2cm seam. Trim and press open seam allowances as before.

    Step 3. For the cushion back, right sides facing and matching raw edges all round, place one cushion back piece on top of the other. Use pins to mark the position of the zip along one long edge, then stitch a 2cm seam from the pin to the edge on each side. Remove pins. Press open seam allowance and pin and tack zip in place. Using a zipper foot on your machine, stitch the zip in place. Remove pins and tacking. Trim seam allowances. Open zip.

    Step 4. Right sides facing and matching raw edges, place cushion front on cushion back and pin, tack and stitch all round, taking a 2cm seam. Trim corners and seams and press open. Turn through and insert cushion pad.

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    Fabulously Jack Wills

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    We saw all sorts of birds flock onto the homewares shelves last year, from peacocks and hummingbirds to festive robins and wise owls – and it seems the trend is set to continue. This time, however, in the shape of pheasants!

    These cute and quirky designs are the new offering from British company Jack Wills and to celebrate, we thought we’d let you in on a few fun pheasant facts:

    * Pheasants can fly at a speed of up to 48mph.

    * Male pheasants are known as roosters, while the females are ‘hens’.

    * A large group of pheasants is called a brood or a nide.


    1. Pheasant cushion, £39.50

    2. Mersham Bird print cushion, £39.50

    3. Mersham Pheasant cushion, £39.50

    4. Wyedale cushion, £49.50

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    Boost with a bolster

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    There are so many types of cushion to make and buy, so Style at Home has decided to take you through how to make each design, plus gorgeous ones to buy if you’re short on time.

    First up, it’s the humble bolster cushion, which was designed to be propped under the pillows on your bed to support your neck and back. They can also be used as arm support on a sofa. Check out our three lovely designs to buy, or have a go at making your own (instructions below).


    1. Cotton Velvet Blue bolster cushion, £28, Feather & Black

    2. Walken bolster cushion in black leather, £60 for two, Made.com

    3. G Plan Vintage bolster cushion in Tonic Mustard, £45, John Lewis

    Have a go at making our bolster cushion

    You will need: Your chosen fabric; L45cm x diameter 17cm bolster cushion pad; tacking thread; matching thread

    Step 1. Cut three pieces of fabric, one 50cm x 70cm, plus two 22cm-diameter circles

    Step 2. With right sides facing, fold the main piece of fabric in half to form a ring by matching the raw edges along the short sides. Pin, then tack 2.5cm in from the raw edge. Machine stitch over the tacking for 5cm at each end. Press open the seam allowance.

    Step 3. With right sides facing and matching raw edges, pin one circle of fabric in place at one end and stitch, taking a 2.5cm seam allowance (shown below). Trim and clip into seam allowance all round. Repeat for the second circle of fabric.

    Step 4. Remove the tacking from the seam and turn cover right way out.Insert the cushion pad then slip stitch the opening closed.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11.21.44

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    Paws for thought

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    We do love a classic design and this fab dogtooth-style cushion really caught our eye when we saw it. Teamed with other black and white patterned cushions, and propped up on a sofa in front of a bold mustard-colour wall it looks great. But, you don’t just have to stick to black and white, look out for dogtooth cushions in bright colours to make a statement. Check out Tesco for these striking designs, all £10 each.

    Dogtooth cushion

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    Star style in your home

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    Everyone loves a guest designer collaboration (just ask anyone in the queue for Isabel Marant’s H&M collection) but here at Style at Home we want this coveted celebrity style in our homes. Well known names from Myleene Klass to super stylish Fearne Cotton have designed their own collections for various high street stores, including Very and Littlewoods, and covering a variety of trends and designs that they love or have inspired their own interior. To help you pick which star to plump for, we have chosen our favourite cushions from their collections…

    1. Catarina amethyst cushion by Kylie, £30, BHS

    2. Peacock cushion by Fearne Cotton, £22, Very

    3. Myleene Klass Zebra boudoir cushion, £32, Littlewoods

    4. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Gloriental velvet effect cushion, £27, Littlewoods

    5. Quilted square cushion, £25, Holly Willoughby for the Home at BHSceleb-cushions

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