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    We chat to B&Q’s cushion buyer!

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    Spring is just around the corner and summer will be here before we know it so let’s transform our homes with some fresh seasonal updates! To help, B&Q has launched a gorgeous new range of nautical and vintage-inspired cushions, just perfect for perking up our sofas.

    We’ve been lucky enough to chat to Sarah Smith, B&Q’s very own soft furnishings buyer, about her favourite cushions from the range, where she gets her inspiration from and what a typical day involves. Choosing stylish cushions all day long sounds like the ultimate dream job to us!


    Tell us about the new cushions from B&Q for Spring Summer

    We’re launching 40 new cushion styles for Spring Summer, which arrive in stores nationwide and on diy.com this week. The offering incorporates styles that fall into the ranges; Multicolour, Authentic, Contemporary and Heritage – so there’s a style to suit every home.

    What is your favourite? 

    That’s tricky – I love the whole collection! It’s hard to pick a favourite as there are so many lovely designs – but the Galveston cushion is definitely up there.


    What do you think will be the best seller and why?

    I think the Baltic Summer collection will be the strongest for us this season.


    How long have you been a cushion buyer?

    I have been a soft furnishings buyer for five years and before that I worked in fashion buying for six years.

    How did you become a cushion buyer? Was it something you always wanted to be?

    I wanted to be a textile or clothing buyer since University – I did a retail degree specialising in buying and merchandising. I spent the third year of my degree working in buying and merchandising at House of Fraser and that’s when I decided this was the career for me.  I moved into buying soft furnishings (curtains, cushions and blinds) five years ago.

    Where do you get your inspiration from?

    All over the world! From trend shows and trade fairs to shopping trips – I’m always keeping an eye out for something to capture my attention.

    What is the process once you’ve decided on a theme for a cushion?

    The themes come from the overall trends that myself and the design team are seeing coming through from trend shows, sourcing and shopping trips.

    What is your day-to-day role like?

    It’s busy! I love that no day is the same – it’s hard work but a lot of fun. We have daily meetings reviewing best sellers and trading, and meetings with the design team and other buyers to work on new ranges.

    How do you distinguish between a good and bad design?

    You know a good design when you see it! If it instantly looks good then you know it will sell.

    What would be your perfect cushion?

    That’s a tricky one. You can never have too many!

    If you weren’t a cushion designer, what would you be?

    If I wasn’t a soft furnishings buyer I would have to do another job that involves travel – I love the travel and variety in my job and I enjoy visiting new places.

    If you were designing a cushion for Style at Home, what would it look like?

    It would have to be something fun that you could imagine your readers wanting in their home – maybe with a fun slogan on, something that would cheer you up every time you saw it.


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    Get creative with cushions

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    Here at Style at Home we’re always thinking of ways we can display and style our cushions and have put together a quick crib-sheet to inspire you.

    Take a look at our simple ideas for your beds sofa and chaise longue and get creative with the mix of colours, designs, sizes and textures. You could even set aside a bench that’s not for sitting on, of course, but to make a display solely for your hero cushions!


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    Cushion love

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    Rose cushion main cushie number blog

    With Valentine’s Day soon upon us, it’s time to show your bed or sofa a little cushion love with our red rose design!

    1  Tear your red fabric into three 10cm-wide strips, along the entire width (we used Lenda fabric, £4 per m, Ikea). Cut two circles in red fabric, each 32cm in diameter.

    Rose cushion step-1 Cushie number blog

    2 With right sides together, machine-stitch your strips into one long piece. Press the seams open, then fold in half along the length and press. Open out. Take one red fabric circle and match the long edge of the fabric strip to the edge of the circle and pin.

    Rose cushion step-2 Cushie number blog

    3 Machine stitch along the fold mark, turning the circle as you go, gathering the strip slightly. Keep stitching your way around the circle, working towards the centre, matching the outer edge of the strip to the inner edge of the strip sewn previously.

    Rose cushion step-3 Cushie number blog

    4 Stop just before the centre and hand-stitch the remaining strip to form a rosebud. With right sides together, machine stitch the second circle on top of the ruffled front, leaving a gap of 12cm. Turn the right way, stuff and slip stitch the opening closed.

    So if you don’t get any of the fresh, fragrant variety from a secret admire (or even the other half), then you have permission to head to your crafting space, run up our cushion in less than an hour, nestle it next to you on your sofa and curl up with a large glass of vino, a box of choccies and something suitably romantic on the telly…

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    Time goes by

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    When we saw the fab Revival range from House of Fraser, it took us back to the days when city gents wore bowler hats! Arrange these quaint cushions on a sofa and team with vintage finds like an old typewriter or vintage telephone for the ultimate style. Linen Bowler Hat and Penny-farthing cushions, £20 each, both House of Fraser.

    Bowler hat and Penny-farthing cushions, House of Fraser

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    Boho rhapsody

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    Spring will soon be here – we promise! In the meantime, we’ve distracted ourselves from the gloomy weather with, yes you’ve guessed it, cushions – and in particular these folk-style beauties. There’s something comforting about the simplistic, naive and homespun designs that have caught Style at Home‘s eye. Whether it’s their boho chic vibe, or charming rootsy feel, they put us perfectly in the mood for a brand-new season.

    Here’s our favourites…


    1. Pom Pom Boho vintage-style cushion, £28, It’s Vintage Darling

    2. Hipster Spinster Folk Birds cushion, £25, Notonthehighstreet.com

    3. Hot House Green floor cushion, £18, Sainsbury’s Home

    4. Black Sun Wool woven cushion, £34.99, HomeSense

    5. Hipster Spinster Folk Flowers cushion, £25, Notonthehighstreet.com

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