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    Cushions & books, etc

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    Now that the nights are drawing in, we love nothing more than settling down on our sofa and curling up with a good book – propped up on a cushion or two inspired by our favourite novel. We’ve been browsing for cushions with a literary theme, and unearthed the smart Penguin Classics cushion with its distinctive orange cover and a playful design featuring Roald Dhal’s Matilda – perfect for bookworms young and not so young.


    Matilda book cushion, £20, John Lewis

    Penguin Classic cushion, try Case Case Bang Bang for similar cushions, £15.74.

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    Cushion workshop

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    A few weeks ago, Editor Jen gave the Style at Home team a cushion workshop. Having not used a sewing machine since school (don’t ask how long ago that was!) I was a bit rusty when it came getting down to work. Amazingly within our lunch hour I made this vintage-style teacup cushion and I have to say it was pretty easy! So, if you’re a sewing novice, give this easy project a go and send us a pic of your finished cushions.

    You will need:
    Fabric scissors
    Sewing machine & thread
    52cm x 52cm cushion pad

    1. Take a piece of fabric with your chosen design and cut a square 52cm x 52cm for your front.

    2. For your back, cut two pieces 38cm x 52cm. Fold over a 1cm then 1cm again to form a hem on each of the along one 50cm side of each piece. Pin and machine stitch.

    3. Place your front piece right side up and pin the two back pieces on top so the raw edges match and the hemmed edges overlap. Pin and machine stitch around the edges. Turn out the rightway and stuff with a 52cm cushion pad.

    Cushion workshop

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    Fabulous felt & 3D flowers!

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    Get creative and follow our easy steps to make this gorgeous felt cushion with 3D flowers, choosing a punchy shade for a designer feel.

    What you’ll need

    • Mellow Yellow wool felt, £11.50 per m, Sew Inspiring

    • Circular objects to draw around, about 5cm in diameter

    • Pencil

    • Scissors

    • Needle

    • Sewing machine and thread

    • 40cm x 40cm cushion pad, £2.49, Dunelm

    1. Draw five circles onto the felt using the round objects (a tumbler is ideal). Cut out. Take one circle and fold in half to form a petal. Hand stitch from the middle of the fold to the curve’s edge, then oversew the edges, following the curve a third of the way. Repeat to make four more petals. Repeat to make a set of five petals slightly bigger and one set slightly smaller.


    2. Take the first set of five petals and stitch together to form a flower. Add a small circle of
    felt to the flower’s centre to conceal your stitches. Repeat to make the other two flowers.


    3. Cut a front piece of felt 42cm x 42cm and two 42cm x 28cm pieces for the back. Pin the three flowers at one corner of the front and hand stitch in place. With right side facing up, pin the back pieces over the front so they overlap. Machine stitch the four edges together. Turn the cushion cover right way and add the pad.


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    Out of Africa

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    Lucky Food Ed Amy, recently got back from a trip to South Africa where she was amazed at the beautiful fabrics and patterns used on everything from cushions and throws to clothes and rugs. The striking designs and bright, bold colours are warm and inviting, inspired by the beautiful colours of the landscape. Getting back home, she discovered these fab African cushions from Pretty Dandy, which would add warmth and colour a sofa or bed. Let us know which is your favourite.

    1. Coils African Print cushion, £24.99

    2. Utopia African Print cushion, £24.99

    3. Static African Print cushion, £24.99

    4. Stars & Stripes African Print cushion, £24.99

    African-inspired cushions

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    Pretty patchwork

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    patchwork make

    Give our patchwork pouffe a try – it’s easier than it looks and can be made in about 2 hours by following these three simple steps. Here’s what you’ll need:

    – tracing paper

    – scissors

    – six fabric designs (ours are Amy Butler and Tanya Whelan designs). Try Gone To Earth, from £2.80 each for a fat quarter

    – sewing machine

    – polystyrene beads, £11.99 for 2 cubic feet, Polybeads

    – needle & thread

    patchwork make2

    1. Cut a template 10.5cm x 30cm, following the shape shown in the picture. Take a piece of fabric (115cm x 20cm) and fold the shorter edge up by 30cm. Pin the template on the fabric fold and cut out (don’t cut along the template fold). Repin your template and cut a second section. Open out and refold the fabric to cut a third piece. Repeat with the other fabric pieces, cutting three sections from each design – a total of 18.

    patchwork make3

    2. Pin two different sections, right sides together, along one long edge. Machine stitch with a 1cm hem. Pin a third piece and machine stitch. Continue sewing all 18 pieces together, varying the fabrics, to form a round ‘bag’.

    patchwork make4

    3. Machine stitch one opening closed. Turn right-side out and fill with polystyrene beads. Stitch the opening closed using double thread. Cut out two small fabric circles and hand stitch one to the top and one to the bottom of the pouffe.

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