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    Stitch or give for Christmas

    by  • November 18, 2014 • Craft • 0 Comments


    How cute are these cushion kits from Mad In England? If only I wasn’t on a knitting crusade (AKA ‘Project Snood’) then I’d certainly make one as a gift. Oh well, at least if like me time is short, then you can give them in their kit format as a gift to any keen stitcher! Such a lovely project for 2015, when the weather is icy and you fancy lounging on the sofa, with a good film and the last of those Christmas choccies!

    The Mini Mad kits, £19.95 each, include the rather fab multi-coloured Question Mark and the Telephone, which both contain a 15cm x 15cm printed canvas, one needle, wool, backing fabric and the cutesy pom pom trim (so you just need to buy the cushion pad).

    If you’re ready to tackle something bigger (or the person you’re buying for is a keen stitcher), then how about the Bedlingtons kit, £75? The printed canvas is 36cm x 36cm and you get two needles and all the wool needed.

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    Time for autumn colour

    by  • November 5, 2014 • Styling • 0 Comments


    I’m a big leaf jumper/wadder/scruncher, so autumn is my favourite time of year – I also love the colours outside and the fact that I can wear thick black tights again! On my way to the train station today, the fallen leaves had dried out enough from the recent rain to make walking through them fun again.

    But it’s not just outside where we’re seeing these gorgeous russet tones. How about this cutesy ‘Mr Fox’ cushion (or to give him his proper name, the Photographic Fox cushion), just £10 from Tesco? I love beauty and warmth of ‘Mr Fox’; it’s such an amazing shot that’s right out of David Attenborough’s Life Story  (which I’m also loving at the moment). Why not team it with a chintzy bed linen (again from Tesco) and bring those gorgeous autumn tones into your bedroom?

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