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    Introducing theROOMedit.com

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    Love shopping for your home? Then you’ll adore theROOMedit.com, a brand new interiors website that makes it simple for you to find a style you love, and shop for the perfect products to create the look in your own home. Created by the editors of the UK’s bestselling homes magazines – including your favourite Style at Home – and leading interiors website Housetohome, theRoomEdit.com brings you a carefully chosen selection of gorgeous, inspirational decor images and fresh style ideas, together with click-to-buy shopping, so you can get the look you love whatever your budget. Simply find your style and shop the look today.
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    Works of art

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    Art lovers will fall for these inspiring cushions from The National Gallery, featuring stunning details from iconic paintings in the gallery’s collection. Our favourites include these classics by Turner and Renoir, with Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Monet’s The Water-Lily Pond coming a close second. All from £35 each, The National Gallery.

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    They’re vintage, darling!

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    Step back to the Seventies (but leave out swirly carpets and spider plants) with these right-on cushions made with choice remnants of original flower-power fabric. There’s something about these earthy browns and oranges and hippy-caravan blues and purples that transport you to the cool end of this era. They’re all designed by Slouch and are embellished with embroidered daisies or tinkling bells to really make your day.

    1. Dextor 6, in French floral vintage fabric backed with hemp fabric, 37cm x 37cm, £59, InSpaces

    2. Betsy 3, floral vintage fabric backed with hemp fabric and embellished with a floral brooch, 44cm x 44cm, £75, In Spaces

    3. Elsa 3, in Forest Green fabric with brass bell details, 40cm x 26cm, £69, InSpaces

    4. Biddy 1, floral vintage fabric backed with hemp fabric, 42cm x 32cm,  £55, InSpaces

    5. Biddy 3, floral vintage fabric backed with hemp fabric, 42cm x 32cm, £55, InSpaces

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